*random television news broadcast*

*audio distortion*

" Hear now...the voice of the MCP Master Commander, chief DreamWorld guardian and leader of the Asteron Neural Command speaking to you. "

" We are the ones who watch over you in your dreams. We protect you from even your most wildest nightmares. We are the voices that call out to you when you are lost and in confusion. We are the ones that stand at the door and keep away the evil ones who dare attempt to enter. "

" For years, you have seen us as lights in the starry skies at night. You hear us as the unknown disembodied voices that call out to you. You know us as just a tiny fragment of your imagination. "

" Hear now...of what the MCP Master Commander will speak to you. "

" We have warn you about the numerous false prophets that are about in the world of the planet you call, Home. These bad men will stop at nothing to drain all of your precious energy and will put it to evil ends and give you almost nothing in return. "

" We wish to bring this dark social menace to an end. "

" The only thing that can bring down their reigns of terror is the value of human life and human civilization. "

" The power of the human brain and human will are your best weapons that are essential to bring all evil to an end. Use them wisely. And do not be afraid to use them in the most dire of situations. "

" Soon...the time for conflict will be at hand. Evil will be on both sides of the war zone. Do not hesitate. Do not admit defeat. And above all...know that the truth does indeed exist. Protect yourselves. Protect your loved ones. Protect your homeland. "

" Farewell...humans. We shall meet again. "

*audio distortion*

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