The ambulance had arrived at the hospital and shortly after, the doctors had wheeled JTK off to an operating room with us following close behind.

Once inside, the doctors wasted no time fixing up JTK's battered-and-bruised body. Patching up wounds and treating the burns on his arms and the bruises everywhere else.

As the doctors were fixing up JTK's body, Mommy and I waited in the waiting room with our family's could-have-been future selves. Mommy's future self was crying and Daddy's future self felt guilty for his family. Liu's future self was also with them, too! Either the JDT let him out, his parent bailed him out or he managed to get out himself. Whatever the reason, he was there with them.

Mommy and I were getting bored...and anxious. So, we went back into the operating room where JTK was taken to. There were no doctors to hinder us, so we managed to enter unhindered.

After they were done operating, Mommy and I got a closer look at JTK's barely recognizable body.

" What a horrible mess! " was what we were both thinking.

JTK's body was like a horrible train wreck. His arms, upper body and face were all bandaged up. It looked like as if he were mummified. It was right there and then that the skin on his face, neck, shoulders, hands and forearms started changing from a normal skin color to a unnatural snowy-white. His hair also changed from brown to black. All of it must have been in part of the strange mixture of liquor and bleach.

" The doctors must have either forgotten to treat it or didn't treat it properly. " was what Mommy said when she saw JTK's skin turn pale.

We also noticed that JTK looked somewhat nervous, too. He was even shaking a little. Neither of us could blame him. This nightmare...was almost too much to bear.

After what seemed like a very long time ( I usually lose track of time in these kinds of dreams ), the doctors led JTK's parents into the operating room. All three of them were in tears when they saw JTK all bandaged up. When the bandages came off, Mommy's future self screamed when she saw her son's ghostly face.

When JTK himself looked at his face in the mirror, he was even more nervous and was shaking again. The doctors told JTK that they can get his skin all fixed up. But as JTK looked at himself some more, he told his parents and the doctors that it was " beautiful " , " perfect " and that he " liked it ".

" What?! Are you crazy?! Get the surgery!! No one wants to see your face like that!! " I yelled at him, even though he would not hear a single word that I said, much like all the other that I tried to communicate to. I didn't think that my parents' future selves would have enough money to afford the surgery, anyway.

The doctors told JTK's parents to come back if things don't improve and/or if he changes his mind and wants to have his skin restored. Not long after the " surgery " , the doctors and his parents wheeled JTK to the parking lot where the family van was waiting. They had arrived home soon after. This time...Mommy and I followed the van in secret. comes the part where the infamous Jeff The Killer lived up to his namesake.

JTK went to sleep with Liu's future self for the night. As Mommy and I watched him and Liu sleep together, I began to have a bad feeling as always about what was going to happen next.

And sure enough...JTK woke up in the middle of the night, presumably to use the bathroom. We quietly followed him as he went downstairs to the kitchen and took out a butcher's knife and a cigarette lighter and went back upstairs to the bathroom. What he was planning to use those for would soon show us the shocking revelation of the killer we had been seeing in our dreams.

JTK went into the bathroom, turned on the light and took a good look at himself in the mirror. He then used the knife that he took from the downstairs kitchen...and used cut off his eyelids. He used the cigarette lighter to cauterize his self-inflicted eyelid wounds and stop them from bleeding, creating dark circles around his eyes.

" It's no wonder the killer doesn't have any eyelids. " was what we both thought. Followed by, " What is he going to do now? ".

After he had finished " fixing up " his eyelids, JTK then took the knife...put it between his lips...and slowly began carving...the most fear-inducing smile that Mommy and I had ever seen into his cheeks. When he finished...he took a good look at his face in the mirror again...and grinned...and the " smile " got wider. It resembled the smile that Mommy and I had seen all those nights.

I screamed when I saw that face. I can't even describe the full terror that I felt when Mommy and I saw what we wished we could unsee. But we both knew there and then that something was wrong. And it was something that the doctors had left unchecked or missed completely.

Just then...Mommy's future self came inside. She had heard a mixture of sobbing and laughter that had came from the open bathroom door. She screamed when she saw Jeff's face in the mirror. She began to ask questions and what she got in return...was far from...normality.

" Mommy...aren't I beautiful? " was what JTK said. He spoke in a childish-sounding voice. His eyes began to dilate and change color. From a normal blue to a lighter blue.

" Uh-oh...oh, no, no, please...this isn't happening. It only thinks it's happening. " was what I said to myself.

Mommy's could-have-been future self wanted to say yes...but she was frightened and nervous. Mommy and I couldn't blame her from what we have seen. She then ran back to the master bedroom and had tried to alert Dad's future self.

" PETER!!! Call 911 and get the gun! We've got a problem! " was what we heard.

" Get the gun? Why? " was what we both thought.

" Did we even own any guns? " was what I thought.

" Why would I let my husband shoot our young little boy? He's our son! " was what Mom thought.

Our thoughts suddenly stopped short as JTK came into the master bedroom, knife in hand. His eyes changed color again. This time, from a light blue to a light gray. Slowly, they were becoming bloodshot. It looked like he was angry, frustrated and losing grip on what was reality and what wasn't.

What JTK had said to Mom would-have-been future self...was something that neither of us could ever forget.

" Mommy...YOU LIED!!!!! "