" NO!!! NOT LIU!!! PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM!!! " I yelled at JTK/my could-have-been future self, begging him to stop, even though it would all come to nothing.

Mommy tried to stop him, too. Nothing worked.

All we could do was watch as JTK snuck up on Liu's future self while he was still asleep. Liu then woke up to the horrifying sight of JTK's deformed face and attempted to escape and call for help. But JTK got on top of him and started stabbing him in the same way he stabbed my parents' future selves to death. Liu tried all that he could to get Jeff off of him. 

It was a very bloody scuffle. 

Punching. Kicking. Biting. Stabbing. Hacking. Slashing. Slicing. Not ending. Never ceasing. No one to stop it.

Very much like the fights he got into with the bullies.

This fight kept on until Liu couldn't last any more. After Liu's future self expired, JTK took the knife and slit his throat open. Liu's bedsheets and pillows were all red with his blood. Liu laid there...on his bed...lifeless...not moving...dead...all dead...he killed them all. He was me.

" Shhhh...just go to sleep. " was what JTK/my future self said. Those words...that I've heard many times before. I now knew what they meant.

Mommy and I stared at what was left of Liu's deceased shock...speechless...terrified...saddened.

" I...I...I can't believe it. " was what I said.

" This...this is our future?? " was what Mommy said.

" Is this how...innocence dies? " was what we both thought.

Once again, our thoughts were stopped short when we heard the smoke alarm go off. We rushed downstairs to see the living room had been set ablaze. JTK had used the cigarette lighter to set the house on fire. He wanted/needed to destroy all the evidence against him. We rushed out of the burning house that was once our could-have-been future neighborhood house and saw JTK running off towards the rest of the search of his next victim.

But how many victims' lives were taken by his hands? Or should it be...How many victims' lives were taken by my hands?

Neither of us knew for sure.

I don't think...either one of us...wants to know.