" " I mumbled over and over with shaking hands, a rapidly-beating heart and legs that were slowly becoming limp like jelly as Mommy and I watch JTK stare at Mommy's could-have-been future self with overwhelming rage.

That could only lead to one thing...

" No...don't...STOP!!!!!! " was what Mom's future self said...followed by...


JTK took the knife he used to mutilate himself...and stabbed Mommy's future self repeatedly until she was no more. She fell to the floor with tears in her eyes...slowly becoming lifeless.

" J-J-Jeffrey...I...I... " was her last words before she had finally expired.

Daddy's could-have-been future self was in shock when he saw this horrible homicide unfurl. He asked JTK why he had done such a horrifying thing and in return, JTK first accused Mommy for " lying " to him and then accused him for all the hard times that he had gone through. I couldn't blame him, though. Those were such bad times.

Before Dad's future could reach for the phone and call 911, JTK lunged at him and repeatedly stabbed him, the same way he repeatedly stabbed Mom's future self. He tried all he could to stop JTK from killing him, to no avail. After Dad's future self bit the dust, JTK stomped him a few times and cursed at him. He must have feared that Daddy would kill him.

Mommy and I were panicking at this point when we saw what had went down. We held each other closer as we saw JTK exit the master bedroom of my now-dead parents' future selves...and back to the bedroom where Liu's future self normally sleeps in.

JTK was just getting started.