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I had defended myself and my family and friends from my evil self many times prior to this. And I wasn't going to let anything stand in my way of protecting my sanity.

Even after Jeff's future self showed me and my family my would-have-been future if he, the Chronos Institute and the Weatherbee family didn't come to intervene, I still stayed strong with myself.

I had to if I was going to defeat my evil counterpart once and for all.

My friend, Jeff was going to help me along the way.

Jeff and I always had each other's backs in times of trouble.

We had taught each other very well.

And now, as we set out to hunt down my tormentor and defeat her before she could hunt us down, it was all about teamwork and trust.

This wasn't going to be easy. No one said it would.

But I was determined to find and defeat my evil counterpart once and for all. Lucky for us, we had two very useful helpers alongside with us.


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