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Now...things were about to get ugly...really quickly.

My evil counterpart was NOT happy to see us. She seemed shocked that we had found her before she could find us.

She began attacking immediately.

But I had a bigger blade than what she had.

My Holy Cross Sword compared to her small butcher's knife, to be precise.

Smile bit her on her left leg while Rake wrapped his " fingers " around her right leg to hold her back.

Everyone else stood back and watched since this was a conflict that only I could resolve myself.

I could tell that my evil counterpart was in some way struggling to keep up with me. She knew that I had the upper hand in this fight.

It wasn't much longer until she managed to break free from Smile and Rake's grasp and started fleeing from the battle.

" She can't get away that easy. " was what I thought to myself.

My evil counterpart led all of us on a chase that would lead us to what seemed to be an uncertain climax.

But we all knew better.


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