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It looked like a fairly nice and friendly neighborhood. The houses there looked pretty good and well-maintained. The people that lived there seemed friendly enough. Everything looked promising.

Our caseworker drove us up to the main building where we were to be assigned a halfway house to live in. Again, everything looked normal and nothing was unusual.

Everyone around us seemed to be happy. They all looked like they knew what they were doing.

As we waited for our caseworker to get us all set up, we took the time to take a look around the main clubhouse where the registration center was at. It was right there and then that I realized that the poeple all around us were just like us. They all had special needs just like us.

Once everything was all set, our caseworker drove us over to the halfway house we were given. It looked pretty nice. Nothing too unusual.

Then once we got all settled in, our caseworker introduced us to our new school teacher, Mr. Middleton. He teaches class at St. John's Middle School. A special middle school for those who have special needs.


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