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I told both Mr. Middleton and Mrs. Caldwell that I had been seeing for the past few months a twisted, disfigured and psychotic serial killer haunt me and both of my brother's dreams.

The killer's skin was as white as snow. Her eyelids were sewn so that they stayed open, giving her a terrifying wide-eyed stare. Her black and purple hair looked almost indentical to my hair ( except my hair is brown ) and she even wore the same clothes as me.

But the most scariest part was that she had the most terrifying smile that all three of us had ever seen.

The killer's " smile " was as wide a Cheshire Cat's smile and had blood dripping down from it. When she grinned, the smile would always get bigger. Every time I saw her grin, my blood ran cold.

It wasn't until a later nightmare that I realized that the killer...was And I was shown the truth.


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