Jeffrey and I were glad that we didn't go to Bobby's birthday party at Barbara's house, mostly because neither of us knew what would've happened if we did attend.

Only after returning home from our visit to the psychiatrist's office did Barbara tell us what had happened at her son's party while we were away.

She told us that a terrible fight had broken out after some of the kids ( mainly, the older kids ) got a little bit too rowdy. Stuff was flying everywhere. Toy pistols, water bottles, pots and pans, etc. etc. etc.

One of the kids almost got major brain damage after getting smashed in the head with a rolling pin one of the bigger kids was using to defend himself with. Fortunately, the police had arrived to break up the riot.

Luckily for Barbara, none of her kids got hurt. But that night will be something that she and her sons will never forget. I then told her to take the kids over to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria the next time she holds a birthday party for her kids. I told her that the staff there could keep a closer eye out on the kids than she could.

I knew I made the right decision when I turned down her invitation. I didn't want my son, Jeffrey to get hurt. From what knowledge that was learned overtime, I knew that I had become a better parent after learning the truth about the future.

A future that would have been if the Weatherbee family hadn't come to intervene.

Jeffrey and I are very grateful for them. They helped us to become better people. They helped us make new friends, too.

And no one else has been more helpful than the one who watches over us in our dreams. The one who helps put our minds at ease. The one who protects us from our worst nightmares.

He is the one...who helped saved our future.