Jeffrey was asleep on a lawn chair in our backyard while I saw Barbara and her boys move in. I knew this was the same Barbara Jeffrey and I saw in one of our dreams because not only did she look familiar, she sounded and acted familiar as well. Once I got her attention, I asked her what was her reason to move here. She told me that riots had broken out in the neighborhood she moved out of. Police brutality, gang violence, etc.

She did NOT want to be there anymore. And there was a good reason for that. I wouldn't want to be there, either.

She then asked me how I've been doing, thinking that I knew the neighborhood that I lived in more than she did. I told her what had happened in my life prior to what had been happening recently. I kept my dream about Jeff's would-have-been future a secret from her. I didn't want her nor her kids to be disturbed.

Barbara, too had been going through similar tough times along with her family. I could see why. Her husband was murdered by one of the gangs in her old neighborhood.

After she had told me what had gone down prior to moving out, she then wanted to invite me over to her new house for her son, Bobby's birthday party. Recalling what Jeffrey and I saw in our shared dream, I knew that I had to turn down her request. I told her that Jeffrey and I had a doctor's appointment on that day of her son's party and that we couldn't come and I didn't want to disappoint her or her family, but I told her that she could do better. I know I didn't know her all that well, but she could do better.

Thankfully, she understood and went on to finish moving in. I returned to my son, Jeffrey still asleep on the lawn chair in our backyard. His neighbor-friends Robin and Mary were sitting there alongside him.

I didn't want to lie to Barbara. I didn't want to lie to my son, either. When I heard her say those all-too-familiar words, the EXACT same words Jeffrey and I heard her say in our dream, I knew there and then that I had to find some way to talk our way out of it. Besides, Jeffrey and I DID have a doctor's appointment to go to and I didn't know how long we would be at the psychiatrist's office.

I knew there and then that I was making the right decision.