After seeing his and his mother Margaret's past selves see and know the truth about their future in their dream, Jeff Woods had found the value of not only his life, but his mother's life as well. And now, it was his turn to protect both of them in their dreams.

He had been previously watching over them in secret in their past dreams after the car crash that had killed both his father, Peter and his older brother, Liu. He had created these visions so that his and his mother's past selves could understand the truth about their future. was time for him to step forward and protect both of them in their dreams. After seeing them take regular visits to the family psychiatrist and seeking help from the Weatherbee family, it was now time for him to stand up for his family.

But before he did just that, he made one final apology to his deceased father and brother. He spoke to them in secret as he sat quietly in his meditation chamber. In front of him are two framed pictures. One was of his father before he died and the other had both his brother and himself when they were young boys. There was also a black-and-white-striped scarf that once belonged to Liu wrapped around both pictures.

This was what Jeff had spoke to them:

" Please...forgive me. I...I feel it again. The pain...the guilt...the sadness...the the darkness...the temptations of the evil ones. My younger self has felt it. Mother's past self has felt it, too. me again...the light...the way. Show me a guide me. So that I can guide my past self...and Mother's past the path...of light and truth. me and I will let nothing stand in our way. I will finish...what we've started. "

Jeff stared at the two framed pictures and brother Liu's scarf in complete and saddened silence for what seemed like an eternity before finally heading out into the DreamWorld once again to protect his and his mother's past selves from their worst nightmares.


--- END ---