Robin Weatherbee Jr. and his family traveled back in time to when Jeffrey Woods was 13 years old. They had manage to save him from another attack from Randy Warren and his gang.

They invited him inside his time machine and showed him on computer monitor what would've happened if he didn't come to intervene.

Jeff saw his terrifying future play out right before his eyes.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 13 ): " This...this is my future? "

Robin Weatherbee Sr.: " I know. It's terrifying. But it's also the truth. That's why we came to save you. "

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 13 ): " I don't want this to happen!! Please!! I want my old life back!! "

Jeff knew how badly he wanted his real-life nightmare to end. 

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 13 ): " I hate this neighborhood!! I hate what monster my parents have become!! I didn't want to move here in the first place!! Please take me to a time before Dad got his promotion! "

And with that, Jeff and the Weatherbee family traveled to a time before he and his family moved out of their old neighborhood. They managed to find his dad driving home from work on the road of a busy highway.

Jeff knew what he had to do.

And with that, he managed to cause a huge pile-up on the road that his dad got caught up in.

Jeff believed that his dad was the one responsible for not only his pain, but his family's pain as well.

Jeff stared at the ongoing wreckage from the doorway of the Weatherbee family's time machine with an overwhelming rage. He knew that he had changed his fate...and his life when he had done what he had to do.

But when he saw the EMS pull his older brother, Liu's younger past self from the wreckage, his anger slowly degraded into shock...which slowly degraded into sadness.

Jeff and the Weatherbee followed the ambulance carrying the bodies of his father and his older brother's past selves to the hospital undetected and unobserved. He wanted to make sure that his father was dead but was not expecting his brother to die with him.

Eventually, Jeff's past self and his mother's past self were informed by the hospital that both brother Liu and father Peter wouldn't last very long. They would soon arrive at the hospital shortly after.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 13 ): "''s not fair...why? "

Robin's father and mother Eileen did everything they could to calm and comfort Jeff as he looked at the soon-to-be-deceased body of his older brother's younger past self on the operating table. 

Very soon...Jeff would hear from the doctors...the words that he, nor his past self nor his mother's past self wanted to hear.

" I'm sorry Mrs. Woods. But your husband and your first son are dead. There was nothing we could do to save either one of them. "

Jeff's past self broke into tears when he heard those words. His mother, Margaret held him in her arms and tried to console him. She tried to console herself, too.

Jeff himself watched as his past self and his mother's past self mourn the loss of their beloved Liu and Peter. He had felt the overwhelming guilt of the loss of his brother as well as his father.

But the Weatherbee family knew that Jeff and his mother's past selves still needed protection more than ever.

Eileen Weatherbee: " They still need your help. You can protect them. "

With that, Jeff made a vow and promise to himself to protect his and his mother's past selves from any further harm and even prevent another tragic event similar to what he had seen in his vision of the future from happening. He also wanted to make sure that his past self would have a helpful doctor, some good close friends and to make sure that both his and his mother, Margaret's past selves would have a stronger bond with each other. And above all, both Jeff and the Weatherbee family made a promise to make sure that Jeff's past self would NEVER suffer the blight of bullying and insanity.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 13 ): " I won't let anything bad happen to you! It's my turn to be YOUR big brother now. The future is on our side! "

The Weatherbee family had with them special cryosleep capsules that connects a human brain to a special neural network that allowed the user to both communicate with the spirits of the deceased and the dreams of the living. It also allowed users outside of the capsule to communicate with them via a special monitor.

With the help of the special capsule and his own imagination, Jeff was able to create a virtual world based on his and his past self's dreams and nightmares. He could also access more than 10% of his normal brain function and could channel and focus his energy and strength to help him and his past self and others conquer their fears and weaknesses.

But more importantly, he was able to communicate with his and his mother's past selves in their dreams and show them the truth about their future and protect them from their worst nightmares.

Robin Weatherbee Jr. and his sister, Merrimew would soon become the younger Jeff's best friends. Their parents would help Jeff's mother, Margaret with all of her mental problems and become a better parent.

The older Jeff himself meanwhile would remain in his cryosleep capsule so that he would always be there for his and his mother's past selves when they go to sleep. Only coming out of his cryogenic coma and dreamworld when needed to.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 13 )/Jeff The Killer ( DreamWorld ): " I WILL save both me and my family! "

And with that, Jeff's old reality came to an end...and a new reality along with a new life for Jeff had begun.


--- END ---