Why did my dad/our dad die in a terrible car accident?

They told us that he was under the influence and that he was a drunk driver. Others said that he was planning to kill an entire group of innocent people. Others still came up with other theories.

And one has really told us the real truth....

...until last our dreams.

I'll try to explain as much as I can.

In me and my sister, Lyra's dream, we had encountered an " agent " in a black suit. I was afraid to approach him at first. So, my sister went up to him and asked him who he was and why he came.

This man told us that he was an agent of the " Chronos Institute's Space-Time Correctional Annex " and that he came to..." save us ".

" Save us? " I had know idea why.

Then the agent told us about what would have happened years later if he hadn't arrive to intervene.

He had brought with him a holocron that showed us the truth to explain what he really meant.

It showed us a vision of the future.

More importantly, it showed us a vision of our future.

A future that will never happen.

It showed us what would've happen if Dad didn't die in that car accident. There was supposed to be a different car accident years later...where my sister, Lyra got caught in it.

Me and Lyra saw my could-have-been future self develop post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing such a horrible sight.

But PTSD wasn't the only thing that was causing problems for my future self. And this is how...Ticci-Toby came to be. For my future self also had deal with Tourette's Sydrome and some uncontrollable tics that would sometimes...mostly often drive people crazy. My future self also didn't like going to school and had to be home-schooled by my mother's could-have-been future self.

But...that wasn't the only thing that me and Lyra were afraid of.

Dad became the most angry, hateful, abusive parent that we have ever seen. He did not like the way our would-have-been future family had become. He was also very drunk and crazy.

And then...we saw the time where my future self...repedately beat up Dad over and over and over after having enough of his domestic abuse. He wanted Dad to hurt like he did.

Things just weren't the same without Lyra around.

Dad's future self eventually died after my future self gave him enough beating. He then tried to cover up his killing the rest of his family. Donning a face mask and goggles and arming himself with some gasoline, a book of matches and a pair of hatchets from Dad's toolbox. He did just that, finishing the job by setting the entire neighborhood ablaze and killing everyone that got caught in it.

My future self would have also died in that fire...hadn't a mysterious creature come in and rescue/abduct him. The creature was as tall as a tree. Sometimes even taller than a tree. He wore a black business suit and tie and had long, black tentacles coming out of his back. His skin was as white as snow. But most importantly...the being had no face. It was all blank.

I can't explain what I had saw after that, but I know from what I saw, my future self became a psychotic, enraged serial killer with killing the only thing to live for.

I cried when I saw my future. My sister held me in her arms to comfort me from all the emotional pain I endured.

" Please forgive me if I caused the two of you any pain. " the agent said. " I hope that I can find a way to make up for all of this. I just wanted to save you from this terrible tragedy. "

Neither of us couldn't thank him enough.

The next day, I told my family and friends about my nightmare. At home and at school, they were all there to console me...and Lyra.

Ever since that dream, I didn't want to talk about anything related to my father at all. When the doctors asked me why I didn't want to talk about it, I had always brought up my dream of what I saw.

They were all in shock and confusion.

It's been three years since that terrible car accident. But my sister is still alive...and with me. She cooks waffles for me, every morning. I've been transferred to a new middle school at St. John's County. I enjoy my new life at this new school with my new friends. I still can't forget what I remembered seeing in my dream...about Dad.

At least I don't have Tourette's Syndrome.

---Toby Rogers ( NOT Ticci-Toby )