And now he was certain that something was wrong.

After the infamous car accident that had killed his father and brother, he was suspicious, confused and scared out of his mind...but now he knew. And now his mother also knew it, too.

Whatever the reason was, it was to keep them from moving out to that terrible neighborhood where Randy Warren and his friends Keith Daviss and Troy Green lived.

Beyond anger. Beyond violence. Beyond insanity. Jeffrey Woods and his mother, Margaret saw what a terrible mistake Peter had made in the vision that they saw in their dream. And it only made the situation even worse as it led to many more mistakes leading up to the accident and the eventual murder of Jeff's family. 

All the questions about this " Jeff The Killer " maniac that had bolted throughout Jeffrey's mind had been answered. For it was he that was the one being driven to insanity due to the constant bullying and mental abuse.

After seeing their vision of a could-have-been future had Robin Weatherbee not come to intervene, Jeffrey learned that it was his father, Peter's idea to move out to that neighborhood where Randy lived. He had gotten a promotion from work and thought that it would be nice to live in those " fancy neighborhoods ". And all of it was supposed to happen three years later. Seeing this, Robin was sent from the future to kill Jeff's father in order to save Jeff and his sanity...even if it was at the cost of the life of Jeff's older brother, Liu.

After learning all about the truth of his future, Jeffrey began to have deep and disturbing intrusive thoughts about his father and whether or not he really did care for his family or was just setting them up for what could have been a nasty trick all along.

Miss Jasmine Caldwell, a teacher of St. John's Middle School For People With Special Needs knew that something was wrong when young Jeffrey refused to talk about anything related to his father. She called up mother Margaret to arrange a time they could meet together so that they could discuss what Jeffrey has been going through. Margaret told Miss Caldwell that she could meet her at her house over the weekend. 

Miss Caldwell agreed.

And so, Miss Caldwell came to visit Jeffrey and Mrs. Woods for a little talk about Jeff's " daddy issues ". Young Jeffrey was upstairs in his bedroom with his next-door neighbor-friends, Robin and Mary. The door was slightly ajar. Miss Caldwell and Margaret could hear Jeff sobbing and whimpering to himself along with the barely-audible whispers of Robin and Mary.

Jasmine Caldwell: " Jeffrey? Jeffrey, are you alright? Can I come in? "

Jeffrey was hesitant to talk at first even though his school teacher meant no harm and no foul to him.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " Y-Y-Yes? "

Jasmine Caldwell: " Wanna come downstairs for a talk? I'm sure we can figure something out. Your friends can come, too. "

Jeffrey reluctantly agreed and went downstairs with his mother Margaret, his neighbor-friends and Miss Caldwell. Robin's parents, Robin Sr. and Eileen ( who just came back from work at St. John's Hospital ) came in for a visit. Once Jeffrey had calmed down and everyone came together, the conversation began.

Miss Caldwell asked why young Jeffrey has been refusing to talk about his father, Peter for the past few weeks. Right there and then, Jeff brought up his father moving them in to the neighborhood where the local bully, Randy Warren lived, believing that to be the source of what was to come was the reason that he died in the car crash along with his brother Liu.

This was why he began to have some disturbing second thoughts about his father. Believing that he was not right for his family and had some equally disturbing nightmares about everything that he had done in his lifetime. He was so frightened, he couldn't even tell if these thoughts were even true and became even more afraid about him. Jeff then began to think that Peter wasn't even a loving, caring father...or even -his- father at all.

Miss Caldwell asked about whether or not this was true, but neither Jeff or Margaret knew the answer. It is possible that there will never be a clear answer.'s better this way.

Jeffrey Woods ( Age 10 ): *sobbing* " my daddy a fake? Is he? Is he?! I want to know! "

Margaret felt her younger son's emotional pain. But she told Jeffrey that everything would be okay as she held him in her arms as she tried to calm him down. She then told Robin's parents and Miss Caldwell about all the hard times she and her family had gone through when she was young. She also began to think that her husband went through similar times, though she wasn't sure if her's and/or his included putting loved ones in danger...and to the point of death.

Both Robin's parents and Miss Caldwell knew both Jeffrey and Margaret needed mental therapy more than ever. And now, even more than ever, they volunteered to offer their help to them. They made a promise to them that they will put an end to their emotional pain.

That Jeffrey and Margaret went to bed together, he was about halfway asleep when he claimed to have seen the ghost of his father standing near the end of the bed they were sleeping on. Peter knew that his younger son was in so much emotional pain, especially after seeing what was shown in that awful vision and had bad thoughts about him and wanted to calm and comfort him. But Jeffrey was scared when he saw him and after what he had seen in the past few weeks, he was afraid to let Peter come near him.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " N-N-No...p-please...leave me alone...don't come near'll hurt me. " *whimpering*

Peter understood what kind of pain Jeffrey was going through.

Peter Anderson Woods (ghost): " It's okay, my son. I mean you no harm. I saw it, too. I didn't realize that I made a mistake that would cost me my family and my life until someone showed it to me after death. I have felt the pain of a would-have-been future and want to protect you from it. "

Margaret Blalock Woods: " really...mean it? "

Peter Anderson Woods (ghost): " I really hope that you will find it in your hearts that both of you will forgive me. I've been a fool for all my life. I didn't know that all of what I've seen would actually happen if Robin hadn't intervened. I never meant to harm my family and I never will. I'm sorry if I had caused any pain to you. Everything will be okay. I promise you and Jeff. I love you both. I have always loved you. Everything will be alright. I promise. Goodnight. "

Jeffrey and Margaret broke into tears when they heard those words. Peter sat right beside her to calm and comfort her. The ghost of Jeff's brother, Liu was also there beside them both. As Peter and Liu comforted those their loved ones whom they had left behind, they wished for Jeffrey and Margaret to live a better, happier life together.

The next day...after Jeff and Margaret got home from church, Jeff found on his bedside table a small, white envelope with his name on it. And inside it...was a letter from his deceased brother, Liu. At first, Jeffrey didn't know what to think of it since his brother is dead. But after seeing his ghost come to him last night, he and his mother decided to read it anyway. This is what it said: 


To my dearest mother Margaret and my dearest brother Jeffrey to whom Dad and I left behind,

" I apologize if Dad and I couldn't really be with you any longer. Yes, Dad and I are dead and may never come back. But that won't stop me from writing this letter to you. I know that you feel very frightened and confused and have been through some very tough times together. Even moreso with that vision of a could-have-been future that I ,Dad and both you and Mom saw. That's okay. I understand. I know how you feel. I really do. When I died with Dad in that car crash, I felt sad, worried and confused of what you two would do without me or Dad. But then, an angel came to me and showed me and Dad what would've happened a few years later if that awful car accident didn't happen at all. I've gotta tell you, we were terrified and sad when Dad and I saw that vision of the future and I can tell that you two have felt the same way as we did. But don't worry, I promise that will never happen. Even the angel told me so. So please, do all of us a favor. Mom, please take good care of Jeff. Jeff. please take good care of Mom. In time, you two will learn that the bond between mother and child can only grow stronger even in the toughest of times. "

" I'm glad to see that my brother had finally made some new friends at the new school that you transferred him to. I want him to remember that his new friends will always be there to help him in times of trouble. I want to make sure that he never suffers the blight of bullying. "

" If you are reading this, my dear brother, I hope that you are doing okay without me. Just remember, never give in to fear, hate, bullying or insanity and no matter what happens, always remember me. And don't forget, your new neighbor-friend, Robin Weatherbee will also be there to help you and Mom out...even in the toughest of times. "

Yours always, forever           

- Liu Arthur Woods

" P. S. I have included with this letter a special gift courtesy of Saint Agatha, the patron saint of fire herself. Accept this gift kindly, my dear brother. Accept this in remembrance of me when I was still alive. "

We will all be together again someday.


Included with the letter was a small holy cross necklace made out of gold, silver. And with it, came a note. It read: " To: Jeffrey Alan Woods, From: Saint Agatha, patron saint, protector from fire. Sleep well. "

To suffice to say the least, he slept well, alright.

It was hard living without father Peter and brother Liu. But overtime, Jeffrey and Margaret learned how to do things without their help. Robin Weatherbee Jr.'s parents, Robin Sr. and Eileen were not only kind enough to help Margaret with whatever bills she needed to pay, but they also helped her and her son find mental therapy as well. Some things may have changed, but both Jeffrey and Margaret still remain the same...even in the toughest of times.

As of this recording, it has been two years since that terrible car accident that Liu and Peter Woods got caught in. Jeffrey and his mother Margaret are slowly but surely recovering from their loss. Jeffrey is not only more open to his mother and his friends, but also to himself as well. Margaret learned from her and her husband's mistakes and has become a better parent than Peter Woods wished he could be when he was still alive. The Weatherbee family helped them to confront their fears and become better people. They are fairing quite well the last time I had heard about them.

How do I know all of this?

Because I had been with Jeffrey and his mother and friends the whole time.

My name is Sesseur

I am a friend to both Jeffrey Woods and Robin Weatherbee. 

They both told me their part of the story.

And I learned even more from the people they sought help from.



*sounds of a building-wide fire alarm going off*


Prison Warden 2: " LOOK OUT!!! "

*explosion sound*

Randy Warren: " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

In a public prison center in a far-off neighborhood, Randy Warren and his friends Keith Daviss and Troy Green are killed in a fire that had broke out on the prison grounds. It had been seven months since Randy and his friends had been incarcerated after the death of Randy's parents.





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