Mom and I turned our attention to the mysterious stranger. I asked him who he was and where he came from. This is what he said...

" You already know who I am...and where I came from. Have you forgotten already? I've been watching over you and your mother ever since your father and your brother had died in that terrible car accident. I've been watching over you ever since your nightmares took a turn for the worse. I've been watching over you ever since you and your mother had discovered the truth about our future. A future that Robin and I had managed to erase. All I to find some make you happy. "

" Make me...happy? " was what I thought. Now I was even more curious about this mysterious man. I then asked him about how he knew about me and Mom. He said...

" I've known you like I have always known you. I have been at your side the entire time. I've been keeping a close eye on you and your mother and making sure that nothing really terrible happens to you two. I know how much you and your mother feel. I, too have felt that way...many times before. Ever since Professor Weatherbee offered me a second chance, I wanted to undo what was made wrong. At first, I didn't think it was possible to actually travel back in time. But once Dr. Weatherbee show me that it was indeed possible, I took up the opportunity to redeem myself for what I had done. Even if it was at the cost of a loved one...or two. "

Mom and I soon understood what the stranger's words meant. And we were close to finding out the identity of this mysterious man. Before I could ask him another question, he spoke to me again.

" I...I sincerely hope that you and your mother will forgive me for what I've done. " said the stranger. " I wasn't expecting your brother, Liu to die in that car crash. I only wanted your father to die, because it was HE who put us through all these bad times. I wanted to prevent him from getting that promotion that caused our downfall. Killing him was the only realistic solution. As soon as I caused the chain reaction leading up to the pile-up, all of the physical, mental and emotional that was inflicted on me had healed up. But...when I saw the paramedics extract Liu's dead body from the wreckage, I felt guilty for myself. When I saw you and your Mom at the hospital, I felt even more terrible for myself. I cried when I saw you cry when you saw Liu use up his last breath. I made a vow to myself to protect you and your mother and make sure that you don't suffer the same fate that happened to me. "

" really mean it? " I asked the stranger.

" It wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't been given that second chance. " the stranger said. " I did it for the sake of our family...your family. You and I are one and the same. your protector. "

" One and the same? My protector? " Those words couldn't be any more clearer. It wasn't much longer until I finally recognized who this man was.

The stranger then revealed his true identity to us. Taking off his hat, sunglasses, muzzle and black outer jacket ( he kept his white hooded jacket on ), the man who had rescued us from the bullies was none other than the mysterious " killer " that had haunted our previous nightmares. Jeff The Killer ( JTK ). My would-have-been future self.

But now...he looked much different.

As I had mentioned before, he had normal-looking human skin as opposed to he pale-white ghostly skin as a result of chemical bleaching from before. He even told us that his normal skin color was restored when he traveled back in time with Robin and his family to save us.

But it wasn't just his skin color that was different. His still-blackened hair now felt like normal hair as opposed to feeling frizzy and somewhat stiff when hair is set ablaze. Though he still had dark black circles/rings around his eyes, his eyelids remained intact. We also noticed that his eyes themselves were no longer bloodshot and irritated. The color of his eyes were no longer ice blue nor light gray. They were instead, the same normal blue color as my own eyes. When I saw them, I knew that they were just like mine.

And although he still kept that all-too-familiar torn-mouth Chelsea grin/Cheshire cat smile, the cuts weren't as deep and bloody as we thought it might be. To us, JTK looked less like a monster and more like a normal human being. Neither me nor Mom felt like running away in fear after seeing him. But rather, we felt compelled to...give him a hug. Because we knew how much he felt when things didn't turn out good for him and because he felt our pain and sorrow when things took a turn for the worse when Liu and Daddy died.

All because...that stranger was none other than my future self.

That man...was me. He came to save us. He along with Robin and his family made right what was once made wrong.

And so...all of us engaged in a group hug. Me, Mom, JTK, my friends Robin, Mary and Jane ( she, too knew all about my future self. ) and the spirits of my big brother, Liu and my Dad all gathered around to hug each other.

I felt a surge of emotions flow through me. New emotions had awoken inside me. Emotions that I never felt before.

In the last part of my dream, I remember Mom saying something to JTK as he, she and I held each other close. This is what she said...

" Oh,'re beautiful. "

And JTK responded with..." I...I almost didn't think you would use those exact words. Thank you... "

----- END OF DREAM -----

When morning came, I found myself and my Mom back in the guest bedroom ( where Mom and I usually sleep nowadays. ) . I was relieved to find myself in our own bed again. It was all just a dream...but it felt so real.

Ever since that dream, I have become less afraid of myself and more open to others. Robin, his parents and my friends have helped both me and Mom through and through. Now I have one less thing to be afraid of.

Through my dreams, I've learned how to become a better person and to be able to distinguish what is reality and what isn't.

I've not seen JTK in real-life...but I know I've seen him in my dreams. I do not know if he even exists for real ( maybe I'll never know. ), but I know he's keeping a watchful eye over me and Mom and I can feel his presence inside me in times of trouble. Like Robin and his family, he came to save us...all of us.

I hope someone will understand what I've written. I just want somebody to understand what me and Mom are going through.

--- Jeff Woods ( NOT Jeff The Killer )