" Follow me!! " was what the mysterious stranger said to us after he had knocked out ( without actually killing ) Randy and his gang.

Neither of us wanted to die. So we listened to the man and followed him out of the alleyway we went down and into another one. We followed the stranger close behind. Neither of knew where we were going to, but he led us away from the danger. Those three stalker-bullies. Those bad kids.

" Jeff!! Over here!! " Robin shouted out to me.

All three of us then followed Robin and Mary to flight of stairs leading downward into a subway station which then lead us to a secret underground passageway leading to...a secret underground safe area.

It looked like some sort of medical facility...but it felt...different. There were some pictures displaying scenes portrayed from The Bible. There were also some crosses displayed on the walls. And it also had the comforts of home.

To us, this secret safe area felt like home. It would soon become our sanctuary. A place to go to in times of trouble.

Robin's parents greeted us when we came inside. They had already set up a special room for us. All my friends were also there, too. They, too had rooms prepared for them.

As for the rooms themselves, they felt less like medical/operating rooms ( which were separate ) and padded cells and more like rooms you would find in nursing homes but with the comforts of normal family houses. There were no windows ( since this place was underground ) looking outside, but since this was a safe area ( it needed to be to protect it's patrons from unwanted enemies ), I didn't pay it no mind.

After we were deemed safe from harm, Mrs. Weatherbee lead us to our room located down the hall. We went inside. Our room had all the comforts of my bedroom and my mom's bedroom. I felt relieved when I was reunited with my own bed. The spirit of my deceased brother, Liu was there, waiting for me. After a few minutes of much needed rest, we gathered together into the main living room with the mysterious stranger. Mom and I wanted to know who he was.