Link Albane: " Ben...Ben...can you hear me? "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Link? that you? "

Link Albane: " Ben...please hurry. They are coming for you! They will not wait any longer. They already have taken five victims...they want more. They might want you! "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Where are you? "

Link Albane suddenly appears in front of Ben

Link Albane: " Follow me. I know the way out! "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Wait...where are we going?! "

Suddenly, thousands of blood-red demon eyes pierce through the pitch-black darkness.

Link Albane: " There's no time to explain now! Let's go!! "

As both Link Albane and Ben ran, strange, disharmonic music playing in the distance could be heard...slowly getting louder...and louder.

Soon...strange voices in the distance could also be heard as well.

" Come play with us!! "

" Join us!! "

" We wanna have some fun with you!!

*strange childish laughter echoing*

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " WHAT'S GOING ON?!?! "

Link Albane: " Don't listen to them!! Keep following!! "

Suddenly...from out of nowhere, a trail of light came out of the darkness...leading up to a door which led Link and Ben out of the dark area...and into the main foyer...of a ancient medieval castle.

Ben had blacked out when he saw the light. Link managed to get him out before something bad would happen to him. When they got inside the castle foyer, Link woke him up minutes later

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Ow. Ow. *groaning* Where are we now? "

Link Albane: " This here, is Castle Hyrule, my friend. We're safe here. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Cas...Castle Hyrule? How did we get here? "

Link Albane: " You had blacked out when we saw the light. There was no way that I was going to leave you behind. I made sure that they didn't lay a finger on you. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Who...who are..." They " ? "

Link Albane: " Who are they? Why, they are the members of the ominous suicidal cult that your father had been working for until he was captured. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Do they have a name? "

Link Albane: " In ancient times, they were known as the " Order of Luna ". But these days, we simply know them as " The Moon Children ". For Luna is the Goddess of the Moon. The goddess that they worship. They are seeking to expand and throw the entire world into insanity and darkness. Only we have the power to put an end to it. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Why...what did they want me for? "

Link Albane: " That, I have no idea. But, it could be possible that they want you as their sacrifice. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Sacrifice? Why would they want to sacrifice me? "

Link Albane: " To appease the wrath of the Goddess of the Moon. "

Everything was coming together for Ben. And he now knew why.

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Wait! Where's Jayden? Is he still alive? "

Princess Jasmine Gainsborough Zelda: " He's right here with me. "

Jasmine Zelda appeared with Ben's close friend, Jayden alongside her.

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Jayden! Thank heavens, you're safe! "

Ben was relieved to see his friend again.

Alex " Jayden " Hall ( Jadusable ): " Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you! "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " I...I don't know. I don't even know how I even got here! "

Alex " Jayden " Hall ( Jadusable ): " I don't know how I got here, either. But I'm glad that you're safe! They might still be after us, though. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " It's the Moon Children that could be after us, right? "

Alex " Jayden " Hall ( Jadusable ): " I...I assume so. Couldn't tell, though. They were wearing masks. "

Link Albane: " They were wearing masks? What kind of masks? "

Alex " Jayden " Hall ( Jadusable ): " They were all white with two large black holes for the eyes. They had no recognizable facial expressions of any kind. "

Link Albane: " Then those must be the same masks that the Moon Children wear. "

Link then brought out his book with information about the Moon Children.

Link Albane: " There! Those are the same masks that Jayden is talking about! "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " I've seen them, too! "

Alex " Jayden " Hall ( Jadusable ): " Those aren't the only masks that they wear. I've seen them wear other masks as well. "

Link knew what masks that Jayden was talking about.

Link Albane: We cannot wait much longer, then. Escaping from them was only the beginning. We now have to find the mastermind behind this cult so that we can put an end to this nightmare. "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " But...who IS the mastermind? "

Link Albane: " You already know who he is. He is the one who is still after you. "

Ben had a bad feeling about who this mysterious mastermind was.

Alex " Jayden " Hall ( Jadusable ): " Let's go, guys. We must put an end to this. "