KHAOS, The nefarious demon lord of the DreamWorld is running a rampage!! He has stolen the legendary Necronomicon, the book of dreams and nightmares and has also inherited the souls of Slenderman and Zalgo that he had absorbed inside of him. Now...he will stop at nothing to bring all of the existing realities to a chaotic end.

Many have tried to put an end to this threat. Many have failed.

But...there was still a ray of hope.

The MCP Master Commander ( Mr. Creepypasta ), head guardian of the DreamWorld had always been watching and always knew that there would come such a time. And so, he had prepared for when KHAOS would finally strike. It was the perfect time to take action.

Gathering the other fellow guardians, MCP made his way towards the city under attack by KHAOS's minions.

MCP Master Commander ( Mr. Creepypasta ): " He's made his move. "