Here are the guardians MCP had gathered to put KHAOS's plans to a halt.

Master Commander Jr. ( CreepyPasta Jr. ): The ( apparent ) son of MCP Master Commander, psychological mentality expert and adept to using all kinds of weapons, including knives.

Professor McCreeps ( CreepsMcPasta ): An expert on all sorts of paranormal activity and well adept with a gun.

Mad Murphy ( WellHey Productions ): Former circus performer, now ace mercenary bounty hunter.

Count Barnabas Deimos of Mars ( Barnabas Deimos ): Overlord of the angry red planet. Brother of Count Barnabas Phobos of Mars.

The Distilled Illusionist ( DistilledIllusion ): Master of surprise. He's not one you wanna pick a fight with.

Miss Shadow ( MissShadowLovely ): Ex-fortune teller. Uses magic to get what she wants.

LB-00104 ( LitterBot ): The group's robot assistant.

Link Albane of New Hyrule: Son of James and Lillian Albane and successor to the Hylian Hero of Legend.

Jeff The Killer: DreamWorld's counterpart of the real world-version of Jeffrey Alan Woods. Originally from the real world dimension. Traveled back in time to save his family. Now he protects them from their worst nightmares. A cunning fighter.

And finally...

Billy: MCP Master Commander's skeleton roommate. While he lacks in strength...and meat, he makes up as the fastest of the group.