<---PART 2:


Chronos Institute had traveled back to a time when Isaac Grossman and his parents were still alive. Before they had sent their son over to boarding school.

They decided that the best realistic solution was to capture Isaac's abusive father and prevent him from visiting his wife and child.

They then decided to capture Isaac's mother and give her some mental therapy. Isaac himself was watched over by Dr. Kenshiro Yamata while his friend, the REAL Laughing Jack was kept safe.

Both Isaac's mother and father were confused. But Chronos had shown them what would've happened if they didn't come to intervene.

Isaac's mother was so shocked by this frightening revelation, she wanted her husband to be killed so that Isaac and his " imaginary " friend could be spared. She also seemed curious about Laughing Jack and wanted to more about him.

Chronos Institute accepted both requests accordingly.


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