<---PART 3:


Shortly after, Isaac's mother managed to find some alone time with her son's friends, Laughing Jack.

Isaac himself was taken in by the Chronos Institute and Dr. Yamata while this was happening.

She learned that both her son and Laughing Jack tend to become lonely sometimes, thus she could understand the reason for Jack's murderous nature she saw in the vision of her family's future.

Meanwhile, Isaac was shown the vision that his mother and father saw.

Terrified, but now knowing the truth why Chronos had came, Isaac made a vow to himself to keep his friend by his side and above all else, prevent any terrible things from happening to him if the worst does happen.

Laughing Jack himself was shown the exact same vision that was shown to Isaac and his parents shortly after.

How terrified Jack was.

But he made a vow to himself not to cause himself to be abandoned and if the worst does happen, protect Isaac at all costs.

Now Jack understood what was going on...and what he needed to do to prevent the unthinkable from happening to not only himself and his friend, Isaac and his mother, but also many others as well.

All three shared a hug together shortly after.


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