<---PART 4:


Two years later, however, Isaac's mother had become terminally ill and just couldn't support her son anymore.

She soon died from her terminal illness.

Both Isaac and Jack were saddened at the loss. But now, they realized what they must do now.

Left to the care of Dr. Yamata of the Chronos Institute, Isaac and his friend were given a new home and a new school to go to.

Dr. Yamata also taught Isaac and Jack self-defense and how to protect and defend others who can't defend themselves.

Isaac and Laughing Jack would live on to eventually protect Samuel Kingsley and prevent the worst that could happen to him as well as his pet mouse, Milo.

Sammy's father died for his son's sake, instead.

Sammy and his mother were both grateful for having Isaac and his friend, Laughing Jack as a hero...and good friends.


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