<---PART 5:


Now...onwards...back to where we were when this story first started.

Laughing Jack's evil black-and-white counterpart ( what could've been the REAL Laughing Jack if Chronos hadn't come ) had been haunting my young past self's nightmares recently.

The real Laughing Jack along with Isaac and Sammy knew what was going on and with their help, both of us had managed to find this demon clown before he could find us.

I didn't want him harming neither one of us.

That's when I went ballistic...and crazy.

I made sure that HE would NEVER harm anyone EVER again.

And when it was over, all five of us ( me, my past self, Isaac, Sammy and the REAL Laughing Jack ) made sure that no evidence was left behind.

We were all relieved that it was over.


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