<---PART 6:


When we had returned to our secret underground safe area after the brutal slaughter, I still felt a little upset about how the evil Laughing Jack was haunting my past self's dreams.

The real Jack along with Isaac and Sammy could tell that both of us were very, very tired...and a little under the weather.

They wanted to console both of us.

Sammy asked me about what I was thinking of at the moment.

In my mind, I had pictured a great big mansion...somewhere deep in the woods...somewhere on the outskirts of the city...a place...where we all can live. A place where we know we won't be disturbed.

It has always been the place that I wanted to live in ever since childhood.

Lucky for all five of us, our friend, Robin Weatherbee Jr. had informed us that we were going to relocate ourselves and our base of operations to a more seclusive area on the outskirts of DreamWorld's Archwood County.

It was the mansion that I pictured in my imagination.


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