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It's the most wonderful time of the year.

It's a time for peace.

A time to celebrate life.

A time to be with friends and family.

A be with...the ones you love.

But if your name happens to be " Jeffrey Woods ", then Christmas may not be the way that you remember it to be.

Ever since his father Peter and his older brother Liu had died in a terrible car accident, Jeff and his mother, Margaret had been suffering from terrible nightmare and had struggled to find ways to make ends meet.

Jeffrey had to be transferred to another school because of his mental problems and Margaret had to take better care of him.

Jeff and his mother sought out help from their new neighbors, the Weatherbee family. Robin and Merrimew Weatherbee became Jeff's new friends. He made even more friends at his new school.

He soon realized that he was not alone.

His friends were also going through similar times. And they needed someone to console them.

That someone...was Jeffrey Woods.

Through their dreams, Jeff and mother Margaret learned how to be better people. How to not make the same mistakes they saw in their dreams. And most importantly...know what is reality and what isn't.

Despite all of what they had gone through, it still wasn't the same without Liu and Peter around. Especially during Christmas.

And with the Woods family's grandparents passed away as well, it wasn't much of a Thanksgiving, either.

It's not all too bad, though.

Every night, the spirit of Jeff's older brother comes to him in his dreams to comfort and console him. He tells his little brother that everything will be alright and that there's nothing to fear.

Jeff also has a watchful guardian that comes to him in his dreams. This guardian protects him and his mother from their worst nightmares. The mysterious man taught Jeff how to stand up and face his fears. He has been a great help for Jeff and his mother in their times of distress.

Jeff and Margaret's Guardian:

Jeff had gotten along with his mother and his new friends very well. Despite all this, he still wasn't sure about how Christmas will turn out. Because Liu and Peter died and Jeffrey had to switch schools, he had no one to buy presents for. Suffice to say, neither Jeff nor mother Margaret could even afford to buy gifts this year. But that didn't matter to either one of them, anyway. They both knew that Christmas was more than just giving out gifts. It was so much more.

His new friends knew, too. Even though they had experienced many changes that had happened in their lives, none of them had forgotten what Christmas was truly about. They wanted to make sure that Jeff felt the same way too.

Jasmine Caldwell, the teacher of Jeff's class allowed her students to have the rest of December off after one week. She and the rest of the school knew that the students needed some time off from the hustle and bustle of school life and to spend some more time at home with their families.

This was a sigh of relief.

This tactic helped bring ease and peace of mind to the troubled students trying to get through life. It helped the parents as well.

This tactic was especially helpful for Jeffrey and Margaret. Not only did it give them relief, but it also meant that they could spend more time with their neighbors, the Weatherbee family. For it was the kind hearts of Robin and Eileen and their two children, Robin Jr. and Merrimew that helped the two find a way to conquer their fears and mental problems and put the past and their loss behind them.

Robin knew that Jeffrey and found his best friend. Robin knew how much Jeffrey missed his older brother, Liu.

Fast-forward to Christmas Day. Robin Jr. and his family had surprised Jeffrey with a special Christmas present that he wasn't expecting to receive. Especially since he didn't know who to buy presents for. But both the Weatherbee family and the rest of Jeff's new friends understood.

So it came to Jeffrey as a complete surprise when he received a present from his neighbor-friend, Robin Weatherbee Jr. Not only was receiving a gift a surprise, what gift Jeff received was also a surprise.

The Weatherbee family had made a normal teddy bear-sized plush doll in the image of Jeffrey's older brother, Liu. Prior to this, Jeff had been carrying his old stuffed bunny rabbit around with him some time after the car accident. Eileen Weatherbee felt that a rabbit would barely mean any hope and/or consolement to hold on to. So, getting permission to go through the Woods family pictures prior to the accident and hiring a toymaker from the Plush Factory Stuffed Toy Workshop, they had created something that young little Jeffrey could hold onto to console himself with. Something with a face that Jeffrey could recognize.

Suffice to say, Jeffrey couldn't be any more happier or thankful than that.

Jeffrey and mother Margaret had managed to overcome their fears and loss ever since Liu and Peter had passed away, Jeff switched schools and made new friends and learned all about the truth through their dreams.

Nowadays, if you manage to come by Jeffrey Woods, you can find him wearing the black and white-striped scarf of his deceased brother, Liu wherever he goes.


AirSharkSquad's Creepypasta Chronicles: Jeff The Killer - Series Two: Awakening

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