How can I describe how I felt?

What words are capable of describing such emotions?

Are clones...still only human?

I'll try to explain what I'm talking about.

It was hard to believe at first, but when me, my past self and my mother's past self saw brother Liu's spirit get attacked by Zalgo-created clones of our parents, I knew that something had to be done.

We all knew that something was wrong and it had to be made right.

It seemed like deja vu all over again...almost.

With the help of Robin Weatherbee and SCP Captain Sonic, Liu and I had found them both. Liu and I hunted down the clone of our Dad while Robin and Sonic did the same with the clone of our mother.

They were both easy to identify. We could easily tell them apart from our " real " parents.

But then...that's when things seemed to appear...different.

When I had killed the clone of our dad, he didn't transform into a demon like Randy's clone did. We also heard some faint, quiet weeping coming from him and I think I could hear some quiet mumbling coming from his mouth. As if he was trying to say something.

Whether he was trying to talk to either one or both of us was not made clear. The same could be said for our mother's clone.

Upon further inspection, we soon figured out that Zalgo created these clones to be as perfectly human as possible, using the same human brain engrams from those they attempt to copy.

And hit a ton of bricks.

These were not just any regular human clones...these...these were...our parents from...the " old reality ".

Very soon...all of us knew it.

My past self...our mother's past self...the spirit of our dad's past self...they all knew it, too. They even told me about it. Dad was attacked by a clone of himself. He didn't want my past self or even our mother's past self to get hurt by him. And so, the two fought to the death.

Peter Anderson Woods ( Zalgo-created clone/Old reality ): " WHERE ARE MY SONS?? ANSWER ME YOU BLACK-HEARTED THIEF!!! "

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost/New reality ): " Leave my family alone!! "

Mr. and Mrs. Weatherbee came to his rescue. They attempted to kill of the clone of our dad, but he got away.

Dad told Mom about this mysterious attacker...and very soon, my past self and the ghost of my brother's past self knew about it, too.

They then told me about it...and I knew that things had gotten personal there and then.

I wanted DreamWorld Zalgo to die more than ever.

All I wanted is to destroy my old past and not think about it anymore.

But Zalgo kept bringing it back.

And when both clones based on our old past died at our hands...

...I thought back to when after the Weatherbee family showed me a vision of my would-have-been future...they also showed me a vision of my brother's...and even Jane's would-have-been futures as well.

" There...there's still more out there...out there, looking for us. " was what I said to my parents' past selves when we killed their clones of them.

And this was only the beginning of...what could be the biggest mental crisis that me, Jane, my past self and the past selves of the rest of my family would ever face. 

It was about to get...really ugly very soon.


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