It was my turn to talk to Homicidal Liu over the intercom again. I had to tell him the truth. I had to tell him that whatever past life-reality events that had happened to him never happened at all.

ME - Jeffrey Alan Woods: " But...we're all still alive. Those afwul events that had happened when we moved out with our parents to that neighborhood where Randy Warren and his friends lived...they never happened. "

He was confused at first. I couldn't blame him, though. None of us could.

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " They...they never happened? Then why am I like this? "

Robin Weatherbee Sr. : " Zalgo dragged you here...into our DreamWorld. "

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " Zalgo dragged me here? But...but I thought Zalgo didn't even ex- "

Liu Arthur Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " Zalgo has deceived you. He has tricked you into believing what is not right. What you have seen and heard is all real. Our dad is dead...and we died with him, but our mother is still alive. The reason why is because we died with Dad. "

When Liu's evil counterpart heard the voice of the ghost of my real brother Liu, everything was made clear to him.

I then spoke to him again.

ME - Jeffrey Alan Woods: " Liu...must you murder? "


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