Shortly after the ordeal had ended, we had taken Homicidal Liu to mental recovery hospital that Robin's dad recommended for him.

Archwood County Mental Recovery Care Center.

Robin Weatherbee Sr. : " He'll have to be committed to total rehabilitation. Right now he's under sedation and heavy restraints. "

Liu Arthur Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " I'd figured all that much. "

From the gurney he was placed on, Homicidal Liu looked up at us, all teary-eyed and silent. I could tell that he felt betrayed by his own self. But we knew that it was Zalgo that was behind the cause.

Liu Arthur Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " Don't worry, my significant other. We will explain everything to you later. For now, we just want you to get well. "

And with that, Robin, Merrimew and their parents wheeled off Homicidal Liu on his gurney to receive mental treatment. But before they left, he had something to say to us. 

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " There...there's still one more out there. "

Neither of us knew what those words exactly meant, but at least we knew that the conflict was over...for now.

Shortly after the doctors had taken Liu's no longer evil counterpart into rehab, we met up with our parents in the lounge. JTK was there with them, head down, face in his hands, sobbing softly. Mom and Dad's spirit sat right beside him to console him...and each other.

They were all hurt by Homicidal Liu's words when he refused to listen.

So, me and my brother's spirit went to sit down with them and console them. JTK has always consoled me and Mom in our dreams whenever either one or both of us felt scared and/or had a bad day. Now it was my turn to console him.

ME - Jeffrey Alan Woods: " Don't feel too bad about yourself or Hommie Liu, my guardian angel. You tried your best. All three of you did. When I saw him look directly at me, I knew that it was me he was looking for. And all it took was that one voice to finally make him realize the truth. "

With these words, JTK began to feel better about himself...and Homicidal Liu. That made all of us feel much better.

Now...we have one less mental problem to think about.


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