Robin and his father went over to the security room's intercom system to set it up.

Robin Weatherbee Sr. : " M-5, tie-in. "

Once they got it working, they handed the microphone over to our dad so that he could talk to Liu's evil counterpart on the main floor of the building.

He hoped that he could get him to stop his murderous actions.

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost ): " Liu? Liu, can you hear me? "

Instantly, Homicidal Liu stopped murderous actions when he had heard dad's voice over the intercom speaker. Everyone else had also stopped whatever they were doing when dad spoke over the intercom.

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " Who...who is this? Who's talking to me? "

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost ): " This is... (calmer) this is Peter Woods. "

Liu's evil counterpart seemed confused at first.

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " Are that my dad talking to me? "

Dad had gotten the phantom-aping clone's attention.

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost ): " you know me? "

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " I've...I think I've heard that voice somewhere before. Is that really you? Are you still alive? Is mom... "

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost ): " Stop. Liu...what you are doing is wrong. You must not let this go on any further. "

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Real-Life ) ( Age 12 ): " I...I don't like where this is going. I have a terrible feeling about what might happen. "

Margaret Blalock Woods: " I...I hope he knows what he's doing. "

Mother didn't sound all that confident. Neither did my past self nor the ghost of my brother's past self.

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " I...I was just trying to defend myself from the monsters that were trying to kill me. "

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost ): " But...but these are not monsters. These are innocent civilians. You're killing...we're killing...murdering...human beings. Beings of our own kind. Your...your mother and I didn't raise you for that purpose. You're our...our first son. Mankind's greatest gift of all time. You must not destroy man. "

Something was wrong with Homicidal Liu and we all knew it. It felt like " he " was trapped somewhere between what was right and what was wrong...or, rather....he was struggling to find out who " he " really was.

Homicidal Liu/Sully ( Zalgo-created clone/old reality ): " I...I survive. I must survive. "

Peter Anderson Woods ( ghost ): " Survive. Yes. Protect yourself. But...not murder. You must not die. Men must not die. To breaking of civil and moral laws that we have lived by for thousands of years. You've murdered...hundreds of people...we've murdered...murder...such a terrifying thing. How can we...repay that? "


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