Sonic The Hedgehog ( SCP Captain ): " Captain Sonic to SCP HQ. Captain Sonic to SCP HQ. Come in, HQ. "

SCP HQ: " Acknowledged, captain. "

Sonic The Hedgehog ( SCP Captain ): " Multiple civilians attacked and/or killed in unprovoked attacked. Commander Harris and Lieutenant Officer Albatross have been killed in the onslaught. Many casualties. The remaining police officers and MI6 agents have occupied the building to prevent the killer from attempting another attack. Dr. Weatherbee and many others are presumably still inside on the top floor, afraid to leave. I still have an effective battle force and believe the only way to rescue Dr. Weatherbee and the others is to assassinate the killer. Request permission to proceed. "

SCP HQ: " Acknowledged. You are authorized to use all measures available to take down the serial killer. "

Sonic The Hedgehog ( SCP Captain ): " Roger that. Captain Sonic, commanding attack force, over and out. "

That's what me and my friends heard over the radio that Robin's dad had with him. There was no denying that Liu's evil counterpart, Homicidal Liu a.k.a. " Sully " had everyone in the City Hall building ( including us in the safety of the security room on the top floor ) taken hostage.

Why would someone so evil, yet just as human as us mentally hurt us by playing with our emotions? More importantly, why would someone who resembled my deceased brother, Liu play mind games with us?

There was no way that I could bear to let this go on any longer.

After seeing Daddy's spirit, Mom and JTK fail to get Homicidal Liu to stop his murderous ways, it was about time that I, too had to step up and speak up for not only all of us who were holed up in the security room, but also for those who got caught up in the attack.

Peter Anderson Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " They've just signed our own death warrant. Evil Liu will kill everyone to survive. "

Robin Weatherbee Sr. : " Every living things wants to survive. Zalgo must have impressed that instinctive reaction upon the cloned being. "

Liu Arthur Woods ( Real-Life/ghost ): " Then suppose he's still open to impression. Suppose my clone absorbed the regret JTK felt for the deaths caused. The guilt. "

I then thought back to when Liu's evil counterpart stared directly at me in shock and confusion. I asked: " Do you think that it was me, Homicidal Liu was looking for when we ran away from him? He...he did ask for " his brother ". Right? ".

Eileen Weatherbee: " Yes, of course! I remember everything he said during the attack. See if you can get through to him. "

I knew that I had to be brave for everyone that had been hurt.

It was now my turn to talk to Homicidal Liu over the building's intercom system as Robin handed me the microphone that will allow me to talk to him. I knew that I had to break through his darkness.


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