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Danny showed me what my future would've been like if Brian hadn't fallen into a comatose state after the car accident.

My life nor Brian's would never be normal if fate hadn't come to intervene.

We would instead become " proxies " to the most scariest creature that I've never seen or even heard about before.


We would be forced to do this creature's bidding.

We would end up committing many countless crimes. Including theft, murder and even kidnapping.

All this just to appease a non-existent creature with moon-white skin, tree-like limbs, black tentacles and the most scariest face.

I was appalled when I saw this vision of my future.

I did not want to become that thing's pawn. Danny had known this because he told me that he doesn't exist...anymore.

He along with some fellow Chronos Institute agents had traveled back in time to rescue the mysterious boy who would later become the Slenderman. They did this so that mankind would never have to suffer the... " wrath of Zalgo ". Zalgo was the Slenderman's nemesis.

To further prove that he and the Chronos Institute prevented Slenderman and Zalgo from ever happening, he introduced me to the two people that were linked to them.

The White Knight. The man who wore silver armor.

And a young little boy who had white hair and irises and wore black:

They wanted to help me through my worst nightmares.