NAME: Jeffrey " Jeff " Alan Woods

AGE: 13 years old ( in the original Jeff The Killer story by Sesseur ), 10 years old ( Creepypasta Chronicles ) , 13-17 years old ( Creepypasta Heroes )

GENDER: Male ( Caucasian )

RELATIVES: Margaret Blalock Woods ( mother ), Peter Anderson Woods ( father ( deceased ) ), Liu Arthur Woods ( older brother ( deceased ) ), Agnes Woods ( grandmother ( deceased ) ), Christopher Anthony Woods ( grandfather ( deceased ) )


Ever since his brother, Liu and his father, Peter died in a terrible car accident, young Jeffrey Woods had been suffering from very lucid nightmares and night terrors. The most notable of nightmares were about a mysterious human-like serial killer with burnt, black hair, bleached-white skin and bloodshot eyes with no eyelids. When he and his mother, Margaret soon found out that the " killer " was none other than Jeffrey Woods's would-have-been future self had Peter and Liu not died, he was even more frightened. But his new friend, Robin Weatherbee ( an agent sent back in time ) told him that what he had been seeing didn't have since Peter and Liu had died.

Ever since that fateful nightmare that showed them the truth, mother Margaret made a vow to protect her son from insanity and bullying. With help from his mother, his new neighbor-friends and their parents and from Miss Caldwell of St. John's Middle School, Jeffrey slowly began to overcome his fears and nightmares and was able to deal with his daily problems and become a better person altogether.

Jeff carries with him a Holy Cross necklace infused with the protection from fire by Saint Agatha, the Patron Saint of Fire.