After the deed was done, we returned to our secret underground base with our rescued hostage in tow.

Once everyone had settled, the boy that we rescued told us who he was.

His name was Sesseur.

He told us that he and his mother had been having nightmares ever since his father died after getting caught up in a terrible fire accident.

Both he and his mother were terrified at the loss.

Without him, they couldn't afford to pay off their home loan anymore. And so, Sesseur and his mother were forced to move out. She also had to find herself a new job and her son a new school as well.

They both fell on some hard times together.

I shared with Sesseur my story of pain, anguish and guilt. How I felt when my world was torn apart. How I was given a second chance by a courageous time-traveler with a caring heart who knows all about the importance of life and how I was able to redeem myself for all that I've done.

I told Sesseur about how I was given my second chance. Robin had come to visit me after the police had taken Liu to the JDT but before I went home alone. He came in a little blue telephone booth that was bigger on the inside and invited me in. I was surprised when he told me that he could help change my fate and my future.

He then showed me a vision of my future. A future that I wanted to prevent from happening. I didn't want to live like that. And so, he took me back to a time before my dad got his promotion at work. I wasn't happy with the neighborhood that me and my family had moved to. And so, I was the one who caused the pile-up on the road that my dad was driving on, killing him in the process.

But when I realized that my older brother's younger self was in the car with him, it was too late to stop him from dying, as well. I felt ashamed when I saw his dead body pulled from the wreckage. I felt even more guilty for myself when I saw him at the hospital. When the doctors couldn't bring him to life again. I felt like committing suicide to atone for what I had done. But, then...I heard the voice of God and he came to me and spoke. He knew my pain and I wanted him to forgive me for all my sins. He then told me that I had so much to live for.

He told me that I could make things right again...for the sake of my past self...and his mother...our mother...our family.

That was when I made a promise to myself to protect me and my mother's past selves from the dangers yet unseen. I wanted my past self and my mother's past self to be happy together. To have friends. To find help in the times of trouble. And that's when the Weatherbee family came in. Just in the nick of time, too.

Shortly after the accident, I placed myself into a cryogenic sleep capsule and had my brain wired up to a neural network that Dr. Weatherbee Sr. had set up for me. This allowed both me and Robin and his family to not only communicate with the spirits of Liu and Dad, but also to communicate with my younger past self as well as my mother's past self in their dreams.

I gave both myself and my younger past self a new life. And now, I did the same with Sesseur and his mother.

Speaking of, which, she had arrived when she told Robin's parents that she was looking for him. They had told her that he was safe with us and that he had been searching all over for him.

Such a happy, joyous reunion.

Sesseur's mother thanked both me and Robin for rescuing her son. Now I have something more to live for. I wasn't just protecting my past self and his mother, I had found others to protect as well.

I felt like a whole new person.

MUSIC: © Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

Now...the game has changed. It wasn't just keeping loved ones safe anymore, I now had found the ability to protect the innocent. There were others like me, my past self and Sesseur that also deserve to be saved and given a second chance. Together, we would save and protect the innocent from a world that isn't even our own.

As I held my young past self in my arms, comforting him from the pain and listened to Robin play on his acoustic guitar an all-familiar comforting tune, all of the bad memories of Randy and his gang forever faded into the whitewashed void of time. A world that was dark and unforgiving and plagued with evil. That worlds is no more. a free man.

Randy Warren...and his friends...are dead.