Just as we had finished releasing the hostage from his restraints, Randy's friends, Keith and Troy came into the room.

" SURPRISE, FILTHY TUNNEL RATS!!! " was what I had shouted to them while I held up Randy's severed head. All they could do was gasp and freeze in horror of what had happened to their " friend ".

While they were in shock, I took it as an opportunity to attack them. Robin and I went after Keith while the others ( including the hostage ) went after Troy. I chased Keith to the basement of the hideout where there were multiple torture devices placed about as well as a vat of hydrofluric acid.

Keith attempted to take out his gun and start shooting at me. But I managed to kick the gun out of his hands before he could fire a shot. Even if he could, he wouldn't even notice that I was wearing a bullet-proof vest underneath my white hooded jacket.

Giving Keith a few well-placed punches to the face as well as a good kick to the crotch, I made sure that he wouldn't get back up on his feet as he stumbled backwards into the vat of acid.

I wanted Keith to hurt like I did when I saw him set me ablaze.

I watched as Keith violently thrashed and flailed around in the green flesh-dissolving substance, screaming for mercy. All those hard times...all those bad memories...all that insanity were now nothing more than a whitewashed existence that had ceased to be as the screaming had slowly came to a stop and Keith's now-lifeless body slowly and completely disintegrated into the boiling hot liquid.

Not long after that, Troy Green met his end, too. His dead body along with Randy's ( including his severed head ) were dumped into the vat of acid Keith fell into. No evidence was left behind. All traces of of the bodies were destroyed and covered up.

The ordeal was over.