It started out easy enough. Plain and simple. We got into Robin's truck and started heading out. Taking the best ( and most possibly safe ) route to avoid any unwanted detection. Avoiding as many dangers as we could.

Me and Jane kept my young 10-year-old past self as calm as possible, helping him and her prepare for what was to come. I told him to just concentrate on the mission and keep everything else to a minimum.

Very little got in our way. I was surprised that no police officers were after us in this dream. Though I was expecting this anyways.

By the time that it got dark outside, we had finally arrived at the outskirts of where Randy and his gang were hiding out at.

We parked the truck at the outskirts of the hideout to avoid detection. Gathering our weapons and neccessary equipment, we then quietly made our way to the ratty old building using the cover of the surrounding forest for protection.

Once we had gotten in close vicinity of the hideout at the right distance ( just half a yard away from the windows ), we began circling the outside of the building, looking for somebody to appear in one of the windows looking in from the outside. Waiting for the call to attack.

And...sure enough...

We saw Randy Warren in one of the windows from a distance.

But what really surprised us was that he also had a hostage tied to a chair, blindfolded and ballgagged. None of us knew who this hostage was ( he was a young 11-year-old boy, by the way. ). But we knew that we had to rescue him before Randy ( or his " friends " ) would do something bad to him.

No one wanted to break into a fight with Randy. So, breaking out the sniper rifle, my past self found someplace to hide and get the best possible kill shot ( an empty dumpster that was not too far and not too close ).

This is it. This is really happening. This is not a joke. This is not a nightmare...or if it is....then it's a nightmare come true.

My young past self waited paitently for the right time to shoot. He was a silent as a statue. So were the rest of us. For all our fear, outrage and adrenaline, we began to transcend the moment. Time seems to stand still as we watched Randy...with careful he silently threatens the poor young hostage. Knife and gun in hand.

Only one shot at this.