Jeff's Discovery...


Young Jeffrey Woods: " Foxy? Is that you? "

Miss Foxy had caught Jeff's attention. Soon, his friends began to notice that they weren't the only ones in hiding.

Robin Weatherbee: " Who are you talking to, Jeff? "

Benjamin " Ben " Peterson: " Did he say, Foxy? "

Miss Foxy was afraid to speak.

Young Jeffrey Woods: " Foxy? Are you alright? Are you hurt? "

Miss Foxy Animatronic ( Toy Foxy ): *electronic beeping sound followed by a minor electronic chirping sound* " J-J-J-Jeffrey? Is that really you? "

Jeff's neighbor-friend, Robin could tell that Miss Foxy was in distress and had trouble speaking.

Jane Arkensaw: " How did Miss Foxy end up here? "

Young Jeffrey Woods: " I don't know...maybe she...can explain to us. "

Robin Weatherbee: " How did you get here? "

Miss Foxy Animatronic ( Toy Foxy ): " I'm...hiding...I'm afraid...of being...taken the hands of children. "

Young Jeffrey Woods: " Taken apart by the hands of children? Why? "

Robin Weatherbee: " My guess is that the little ones can't keep their hands off, these days. "

Young Jeffrey Woods: " Is this true, Miss Foxy? "

Miss Foxy Animatronic ( Toy Foxy ): " Y-Y-Yes... "

Jane Arkensaw: " Is there anything we can do to help you? "

Miss Foxy Animatronic ( Toy Foxy ): " I don't know what to do. I'm so afraid. "