Freddy Fazbear Animatronic: " Hey, all you pirate fans! Head on down to the pirate cove because the show's about to start! It's our good old pal, Foxy! "


Ah, yes. Foxy. He's one of my favorite animatronic characters here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. And today, I'm here to share with you my story about him. A story that I had to keep secret for some time.

I just wanna start off by saying, I don't mean to ruin anyone's childhood. This is just a recollection of a dream that I had that was based around him and of course, his partner, Miss Foxy.

Do you know about the legend of the mysterious serial killer known as, " The Purple Guy "? Chances are that you never have. But, all of us who have worked for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria had been seeing visions of this crazy, murderous maniac haunting our nightmares ever since special government agents from a far-off future told us the truth about the future of our beloved franchise. They prevented it from happening, but we were still very cautious about the dangers yet unseen.

Since then, everyone who worked for/still works for Freddy Fazbear's kept a constant eye out for not only one another, but for the children and everyone else. But most importantly, the animatronics, as well.

I can recall that some of our employees had some very disturbing nightmares of the animatronics behaving very strangely. While others had nightmares of the animatronics doing things that they shouldn't do.

And then there's the nightmare of The Bite of '87. A nightmare where one of the animatronics ( Miss Foxy/Toy Foxy/Mangle ) attacking and biting off the frontal lobe of some unfortunate customer/employee, causing the franchise to lose reputation.

That was the nightmare that had frightened us the most. Including me.

Which leads us to my tale of Foxy's female/toy animatronic counterpart, Miss Foxy. Like most of the other toy animatronic counterparts, she was originally designed to replace the older animatronic mascots. But eventually, both the original and the toy animatronic shared the stage together. It was

The toy animatronics were also designed to stop criminals. That is why they were given facial recognition and were linked to a criminal database.

One certain toy animatronic was the point that it actually...ran away. I'm not making this up. It really did ran away. The reason? We couldn't tell, at first. But...from what we could tell...through various flashbacks, flash-forwards, flash-sideways and through knowledge of our nightmares, we understood that it did not want anyone ( including children ) touching her if fear of being dismembered ( taken apart ).

Now...I could see why she never wanted to come out.