" Foxy? Are you alright? "...


Miss Foxy tried as best as she could to explain as much as possible about her nightmares as well as the reason why she ran away from the people who made her possible. The staff of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.

Jeffrey and his friends then shared their nightmares and fears with Miss Foxy. And now, she knew that she wasn't alone. She knew there and then that the children that had found her also have had similar conflicts like what she was facing.

Miss Foxy Animatronic ( Toy Foxy ): *low electronic moan* " I guess I'm not alone, after all. I never thought I'd find others like you. All of you seem to share my secret misery. I hope that together we can find a way to resolve this persistent matter. "

As Miss Foxy and her discoverers shared a hug together, outside the building, a brutal scuffle between the Marionette animatronic and the Marble Hornets sect had broken out as Marionette desperately fended off the attackers.

The group rushed over to one of the open windows of the building to see what was going on after they had heard the loud screaming from outside.

Sesseur: " It's Marionette! He's fighting the Marble Hornets thugs. "

After the fight was over, Marionette began searching the nearby building that he saw Sesseur looking out from.

Robin Waetherbee: " Marionette? Are you searching for someone? "

Robin soon met up with the Marionette animatronic. And while it never spoke, Robin knew what Marionette was after. It was searching the city for Miss Foxy and wanted to make sure that nothing bad happened to her.

Suffice to say...she was alright.