" Hey, all you pirate fans! "...


Miss Foxy was so scared, she didn't even want us, the staff and higher-ups of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to touch her, either. And this was getting rather frustrating. Fearing that she might do something that would cause her and/or someone else to get hurt, we had hired an inspector as well as a psychiatric doctor to find out what could be the problem.

However, by the time they had arrived, she had gone missing.

" That's odd. She was in hiding right here a few minutes ago. Where could she have gone? "

" She couldn't have off. We would never program her that way. "

" Has she gone sentient? "

And then it hit us. I recall in one of our visions of the future that she was being taken apart by the children repeatedly and that we had to put her back together every time. The kids kept on ignoring the warning signs and just couldn't keep their hands off her.

Eventually...we just left her there as a take-apart-put-together attraction for the kids to play with. But this was causing Miss Foxy ( Mangle as some people called her ) to become more and more unstable. And day...she snapped. She went berzerk. She attacked a group of children that wouldn't stop touching her. Many of the unfortunate victims died while a small few survived.

But...the worst part was of our staff members had his/her frontal lobe taken off by her in an attempt to stop this rampage. Miss Foxy/Mangle had used her unhinged jaw to bite off the huge chunk of the victim's brain and skull. While the victim did miraculously survive, this infamous attack became known as, The Bite of '87. And it caused Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to lose major reputation.

As a result, the restaurant was forced to shut down and the toy animatronics ( including Miss Foxy/Mangle, herself ) were scrapped and discontinued. While all of the remaining animatronics were limited to only walking around at night.

Now all of us could see why she ran away from us.

Now all of us could see why she didn't want anyone touching her.