Robin Weatherbee Jr. ( Age 14 ): " If man patterns his clones after himself, not only do the clones think like he does, but they also reflect both his strengths and his weaknesses as well. That's the only thing that Zalgo doesn't realize when making these clones. "

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 12 ): " But Robin, do cloned human beings lack sympathy? Are they altered to be made evil? "

Robin Weatherbee Jr. ( Age 14 ): " If that's the way that Zalgo wants them to be, then it's most definetly true. "

As Robin and my young past self went over the details of Zalgo's cloning process, Randy, his dad, his three friends and two SCP agents ( Sonic and Shadow ) who had volunteered to help us out went into the cave entrance that led to the secret underground laboratory where Zalgo creates his " clones " while Robin, Sesseur, the spirit of " our " brother, Liu, Nina, Jane, my past self and I waited outside, guarding the entrance until they come back after setting the bombs to destroy the lab. Equipped with mini cameras to relay video footage to us via tablet device, we watched as our little task force made their way to the inner sanctum.

As the strike team ventured into the caves that lead to the lab, they discovered that the surroundings became more and more humanly organic and " alive ". The walls became flesh and there was even living tissue that regenerated. It was made clear that it wasn't just a was an actual human-like womb.

Yes, that is what I said. An actual womb. You had to see it to believe it.

Eventually, the group had made it to the inner sanctum of the " womb " that Zalgo had created. They discovered the lots and lots of containment tubes connected to the giant, living, beating " heart " of the place where numerous fetuses were contained and nourished before evolving and being made into clones.

Once the bombs were set, the strike team made their way out. But along the way, a group of Zalgo-infected victims had rushed in and attacked. They attempted to prevent the task force from leaving and completing their mission. But the team had proved a greater match for them and escaped with barely a scratch.


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