Sonic The Hedgehog ( SCP Captain ): " Okay. Let's move out! "

Shortly after escaping with all the charges set, Zalgo's " cloning lab " was destroyed. Meaning that Zalgo can't make any further clones of human beings. That way, we can easily deal with the remaining Zalgo-created clones.

As we drove away from the site where the now-destroyed cloning lab was located in an SCP-owned armored car, my mind went back to I had learned about how there two versions of Randy Warren that had came to be. How my past self learned about it ( he originally thought that it was the other Randy Warren that had came back to life to get revenge. ). How the " evil " Randy Warren was able to speak to me in my dreams. And most importantly, when the REAL Randy Warren came to help us when we were fighting against a Zalgo-created clone.

I never wanted to think about it anymore. And neither did my past self.

I wanted it to end...and I'll make it end!

As we were driving away, we spotted some members of the Marble Hornets sect with weapons in hand attempting to get at us. But we knew that we were driving an armored car. Still, that didn't stop them from trying to get at us.

So, we did the only thing that we knew worked best: running over them with two tons of american-made steel.

They were easily dealt with.

One of the Marble Hornets members tried to destroy the armored with a rocket launcher, but we took him out before he could fire a shot.

Once the gang members were taken care of by us, we made our way into the nearby city to find the rest of our friends before the Zalgo-created clones could.

All the while...someone...or something...was watching we drove into the city.


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