Randy Warren ( ghost ): " STOP, IMPOSTER!!! "

The Zalgo-created versions of Randy Warren, Keith Daviss and Troy Green were there. They were easy to identify because they were barely recognizable, disfigured and deformed. They looked like warped and twisted versions of the original Randy and his gang.

From what we could tell, we knew that the gang of bullies were NOT human. But rather demons made to look human.

And yet, we could now tell them apart from those that they copy.

Randy Warren ( Zalgo-created clone ): " WHERE IS JEFF?!! BRING HIM TO ME SO THAT WE CAN TEAR HIM TO PIECES!!! "

Randy Warren ( ghost ): " You will have...none of it! "

It all went by so fast. There was barely any time to come up with a battle strategy. Just attacking as fast and as fierce as possible was the only option. As the fight escalated, a fire had broke out and very soon the entire building was set ablaze.

But I knew that both me and my past self had the protection of Saint Agatha. And neither of us, nor our friends would end up being set on fire.

If there was someone who was going to get burned, it might as well be the bullies that started the fight.

Keith Daviss ( Zalgo-created clone ): *distorted demonic screaming*

We had managed to kill two of the three Zalgo-created bully-clones ( Keith and Troy ) leaving only one more to kill ( Randy ).

Zalgo's Randy clone had attempted to flee from us, but was unsuccessful.

Both me and my past self made sure that he would never lay his bloody claw-hands on our mother.

Many of the Marble Hornets gang members were either arrested by the police or killed.

All of the Z-infected were taken care of and all the other Zalgo-created clones had fled in full retreat.

And yet...just one more had to break into the battle.


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