Robin and Merrimew led the rest of us back to the secret mansion in the woods, Archwood Manor.

I was relieved that Randy was once again no more, but at the same time, I still felt very upset. Why would Zalgo want to bring back a physically and mentally abusive part of my old past when I didn't want to think about it anymore? That made me very sad and angry at the same time.

My young past self must have felt the same way I did.

But now, I knew that there was another side of Randy that I never saw.

The Randy Warren that still had some good inside of him. The one that defended us from the evil side of Randy. The only side I saw in my old past.

Zalgo...I've heard about that name somewhere. But I didn't want to know anything about him in fear of being corrupted by him. But Mr. Weatherbee told me that I was safe since Chronos had already taken care of erasing him from reality. And now...I was aware of what he could do.

I learned that Zalgo was able to communicate to me in my dreams. He has been taunting me in my dreams ever since.

That I why both Randys were talking to me in my dreams.

My past self, my mother's past self, the ghosts of my father and my brother's past selves plus Robin and his mother, Mrs. Weatherbee were all there to comfort me of all of my hurting.

Robin Weatherbee Sr. : " They're still out there. "

Eileen Weatherbee: " Our only chance to stop this reoccuring threat is if we work together as a team and hunt them down before they find us first. "

And now it has been made clear. This world of dreams needs not just a hero...but a force of reckoning that will protect our precious dreams...and protect the many others from their worst nightmares.

The friends of my past self, knowing fully well of this had agreed to join Robin, Merrimew, my past self and I on this epic mission.

Capture and/or kill all of the Zalgo-created clones.

Destroy Marble Hornets.

Kill Slenderman.

And then...

...Zalgo must die.


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