The Resistance had found DreamWorld Slenderman's mansion in the woods. Once there, they wasted no time in burning the entire vestige to the ground.

Many Marble Hornets members were inside the mansion, sleeping when it happened.

The mansion had only ONE fire alarm and it was on the ground floor. By the time those who were sleeping on the higher floors knew what was going on, the house was already engulfed in flames.

It was impossible to put out all of the fires in time.

DreamWorld Slenderman saw what was happening. He did all that he could to save his fallen sect. Only a handful of his sect's members had made it out alive.

Fleeing from the wrath of the resistance, they managed to find a temporary shelter to hide out at in a small cave.

Masky, Hoody, Ticci-Toby and Kate were among the surviving members of DreamWorld Slenderman's Marble Hornets sect.

They made one final attempt to get revenge for the fallen sect.