The entire Resistance force had arrived soon after and the two DreamWorld monsters were forced to battle amongst themselves and those that wanted them dead.

There was no way out.

Zalgo ( DreamWorld Clone ): " THIS SHALL BE THE END!!! "

And so...the fight between the two DreamWorld clones of Slenderman and Zalgo raged as Resistance fighters and their real-world counterparts also fought against them with a hail of gunfire.

A shooting star was seen flying across the skies.

It was coming closer...and closer... landed near where the fight was...and broke into pieces.

One of those pieces landed near Brian's feet.

As Brian kneeled down to take a closer look at it, Slenderman and Zalgo's DreamWorld clones were frozen in fear.

It was an Obsidian Stone. And it's magic could change everything.