Benjamin " Ben " Peterson ( Age 8 ): " Where are we going? " 

Link Albane: " We're heading for Termina. They are waiting for us down there. They need our help. "

Alex " Jayden " Hall ( Jadusable ): " Who are..." They "? "

Link Albane: " They are your friends from the school that you and Ben go to. They, too are victims of the Moon Children cult. We cannot let them get captured by them. "

Link Albane, Zelda, Ben and Jayden crossed into the portal that takes the group over to Termina. Once there, they went over to Clock Town's Stock Pot Inn where Link told Ben and Jayden where their friends were hiding to avoid capture by the Moon Children cult.

Once there, Link explained to the group what was happening and what they were going to do next.

Link Albane: " You've all heard about the Happy Mask Salesman, right? "

Some of the group, including Ben and Jayden have heard of the Happy Mask Salesman before, mostly because they have played the games in the Legend of Zelda series. 

Some hadn't heard of the series, nor the mysterious salesman. So, Link told those about who the Happy Mask Salesman was and what he did.

But Link knew there were some things that they didn't know about the man, so he went into further detail. He also explained about his secret tie-in with the Moon Children cult.

Link made sure that they would know what was about to happen.