This is what Link Albane had said to the group:

" The Happy Mask Salesman is up to something...unspeakable. I fear that he might be engaged in a pact with the Moon Children cult. We do not know what he is after. But...I know that he is planning something very malicious. We must find him before he finds us. "

As Link helped the group prepare for what lied ahead, he also told them about a time when the Happy Mask Salesman had planned to steal the flesh off of his face and turn it into a mask.

" I remember one time when I was investigating Stock Pot Inn due to a recent act of foul play that had been committed, I heard this strange...hissing sound. When I discovered the source of the hissing sound, it was already too late to realize that it was the sound of some sort of knockout gas and I had blacked out and fell to the floor. "

It was the work of the Happy Mask Salesman himself that had caused Link to pass out and fall unconscious. He then took Link's still-alive-but-unconscious body over to his secret " workshop ".

Making sure that he doesn't regain consciousness, the mysterious salesman had blindfolded him and placed a dampened cloth rag soaked in chloroform over Link's nose and mouth to extend his unconsciousness. He had also placed ear silencers over Link's ears so that he couldn't hear nor see what was going on.

" All I could see and hear was darkness...and complete silence. I couldn't move. I knew something was happening, though. "