After Link Albane told the group what happened, they went with him over to the " workshop " where he had been taken to.

" I learned that it was the Happy Mask Salesman's workshop through one important key detail. There were masks on display. Those masks were the ones that the Salesman carry around with him. Furthermore, they were the EXACT same masks that I see him carry all the time. "

Upon further investigation of the masks, the Legion of Light learned that they were made from the facial flesh from of many deceased victims.

" It was horrific. "

" We knew that he had to be stopped. "

It was there and then that The Legion also found his ties with the infamous Moon Children cult.

" He had a book that was written in the ancient Hylain alphabet titled: " Lian Crida ", which in English, translates to: " The Creed ". It is the book that the Moon Children are most associated with. "

" Something was definitely rotten in the state of Termina. "