*knock* *knock* *knock*

Jasmine Caldwell: " Come in! "

Young 10-year-old Jeffrey Woods and his mother, Margaret stepped inside Miss Jasmine Caldwell's office. She worked for St. John's Middle School For People With Special Needs. This school was recommended by their new neighbors, the Weatherbee family. Jeffrey had been suffering from nightmares ever since his father Peter and brother Liu had died in a car crash/pile-up. Mother Margaret felt like the school that she had been sending her son to was not helping and so, she decided to transfer him to another.

Jasmine Caldwell: " Hello, Mrs. Woods. Hello, Jeffrey. Please be seated. "

As soon as Jeffrey and Margaret got seated, they went over all of the details of Jeff's psychiatrist report with Miss Caldwell along with the events that had happened prior to that, including the infamous car accident.

Jasmine Caldwell: " I understand that your son, Jeffrey has been having some sort of mental problem. Am I right? "

Margaret was a little hesitant to answer, at first. But was able to give a straight answer.

Margaret Blalock Woods: " Yes. "

After that, Miss Caldwell discussed about the events of the infamous car crash.

Jasmine Caldwell: " I also understand that your older son, Liu and your husband, Peter have died after being caught up in a vehicular homicide. Is this the reason why you and your younger son, Jeffrey have been having these nightmares, recently? "

Margaret struggled a bit for that question. But both she and her son were able to answer.

Margaret Blalock Woods: " I...I assume so. Yes. "

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " Me too. Yes. "

Jasmine Caldwell: " How is that so? "

Jeffrey tried his best to explain what's been happening in his dreams/nightmares/visions.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " Usually...when I have these nightmares, I would often go into my brother's bedroom and sleep with him for the rest of the night. Liu would also sing a lullaby to me to calm my nerves so that I could rest easier. I also relied on him to get me through school each day. To me, he's not only my big brother...but he's also the only friend I've ever had before Robin and his family moved into our neighborhood. *sobbing* I miss him so much. I...I can't live without him. I can't believe something like this would happen to him. He's...gone. *sobbing* *sniff* "