As Jeffrey explained everything he could explain about his " killer ", he also mentioned about three stalker-bullies that he did not know about that were also haunting his dreams/nightmares. Neighborhood kids that he didn't know whether or not they even existed in real-life, but were also giving  him and his mother a bad time in his dreams.

The bullies' names were...Randy Warren...Troy Green...and Keith Daviss.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " Those bullies...those three terrible mean ones...those bad kids...violating my happy place...I...I don't even know if they even exist or not. I...I don't think I wanna know. *sobbing* "

Jasmine Caldwell: " Do you know if they have any relation to your " killer " that has been haunting you? "

But Jeffrey knew very little.

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " I...I've not seen such horrible people before. I still don't know who the killer really is. All that I know is that...I just want him and the others to stop. But...I know that the killer is not on their side. I've seen him attack the bullies before. "

After Jeffrey had finished talking, mother Margaret had something to confess.

Margaret Blalock Woods: " I...I've seen them in my dreams, too. All four of them. The killer. Randy. Keith. Troy. They all have been making my nights...frightening ever since my husband and our first-born son had died in that car crash. "

Jasmine Caldwell: " Mrs. Woods, have you or your son tried anything to combat this problem? "

Margaret Blalock Woods: " We...we both take things one step at a time. We both try everything that we can to get these nightmares to stop. Even so, we would never try anything that would make our symptoms worse than it is now. I have trouble sleeping alone ever since Peter and Liu died and I'm pretty sure that Jeffrey does, too. He comes to sleep with me just about almost every night. To us, it seems like we sleep better that way, though there are times that we end up in the same nightmare together. It's easier to monitor ourselves that way. "

After careful review and inspection, Miss Caldwell came to one conclusion.

Jasmine Caldwell: " Well...this is an interesting case, indeed. You and Jeffrey are not alone. We have, in fact found others like you two that are facing similar situations. We here at St. John's know the value of human life and make sure that no one who needs help when they need it the most get turned away. Your son will be accepted and we promise to take good care of both of you. We'll make sure that both of you suffer no harm and/or foul. Thank you for your time and if anytime you have trouble with something, you can always come to us to help you out. I'll be seeing you two again sometime soon. "

Margaret Blalock Woods: " Thank you, Miss Caldwell. "

Jeffrey Alan Woods ( Age 10 ): " Thanks, Mrs. Caldwell. "

After Jeffrey and mother Margaret had left, the rain had stopped on their way home and the light from the sun came seeping through the clouds. a ray of hope.



Police Officer 1: " Alright you three...GET ON THE GROUND!!! FACE DOWN!!! "

Police Officer 2: " Don't move!! "

Randy Warren and his friends, Keith and Troy have been arrested for multiple acts of crime and violence. They are soon taken to court and placed in juvenile detention shortly after. Randy's parents died in a car accident which left him a broken man wanting nothing more than money and cold-blooded revenge.